Vandalism is good, if you’re a leftist: “Progressive” student activists deface Jefferson statue to fight “slavery”

A gang of angry black students at Hofstra University in New York, along with their white-guilted student supporters, recently decided that it was an appropriate display of protest to deface a statue of founding father and co-author of the Constitution, Thomas Jefferson, because black lives matter (or something).

Stickers with the words “COLONIZER,” as well as emblems depicting black fists punching the air, were reportedly adorned across the Jefferson statue, which has been there since forever without issue. It wasn’t until the recent emergence of the George Soros-inspired “Black Lives Matter” movement that some students began to take issue with the historical effigy, claiming that it represents white supremacy and is thus oppressive to look at.

According to Campus Reform, these colored vandalizers also spray-painted part of the Jefferson statue white – but for whatever reason didn’t finish, because maybe it was just too much work. They also taped a crudely printed sheet of paper with the words “Black Lives Matter” to Jefferson’s face.

All of this was done in an apparent attempt to raise awareness about the alleged plight of black people at Hofstra, some of whom apparently think that any historical figure who was white automatically owned slaves and supported slavery — and thus should be erased from history.

This string of vandalism apparently came after a group of protestors had previously failed in their attempt to strong-arm Hofstra’s administration into removing the statue simply because they didn’t like it being there anymore. These protestors also refused to meet with the university’s president, Stuart Rabinowitz, to discuss the issue in a civil way.

“As of this morning, the student organizers have declined the invitation to meet with President Rabinowitz,” wrote protest leader JaLoni Owens on Facebook after the school had attempted to engage in a civil talk.

“Given that we are now right back where we started, the ‘Jefferson Has Gotta Go’ Campaign will proceed with our next moves and exercise all avenues to uphold the values Hofstra University has failed to uphold itself,” Owens’s status update continued, obviously referring to the gang’s plans to commit criminal acts of vandalism on campus.

Why do these liberal colleges and universities continue to tolerate criminal acts by deranged snowflakes?

Leftist schools like Hofstra really have put themselves into a predicament, seeing as how they’ve been grooming this type of criminal behavior for many decades. And their hands-off approach to dealing with the problem now is even more concerning, because it will only breed more of it – and likely even worse expressions of it.

In this case, black people are choosing to commit criminal acts on campus – and announcing them beforehand, no less – and neither Hofstra’s administration nor the local police seem willing to step up to the plate to nip this out-of-control behavior in the bud before it escalates further into possible acts of violence against non-blacks on campus.

Speaking for the rest of the student body that isn’t involved with this insanity, Hofstra College Republicans member Joshua Jordan told Campus Reform that his group was “both disgusted, as well as upset” when they discovered that the statue of Jefferson had been damaged by these black vandals.

“Given the fact that the protesters pulled out of the town hall meeting with the University administrators, we knew that they were trying to make a statement in other ways,” he added.

Adding to this sentiment were comments made by Conor Dawson, another Hofstra student, who called the protestors’ refusal to meet with the administration “disrespectful.”

Richard Caldwell, another Hofstra student, made similar statements, expression that “all along we’ve only wanted to have a civil conversation with the opposing side, a request that has either been shunned away or met with insults before.”

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